Project Cards

Embed a Plutio project progress bar in any WordPress page, with live and automatic updating as you mark tasks complete in Plutio. Perfect for client dashboards or to display progress publicly.

My Plutio Project

How your project is progressing

See that progress bar above?

That’s a live Plutio Project. As tasks are ticked off, the percent complete above will change. Reload the page to see it animate in again. Use it to embed a progress bar in a client dashboard page, or even to show progress on a project to the world by embedding in a public page.

Shortcode based

Call your project using the Plutio project ID, and the plugin will take care of the rest.

Fully Skinnable

The progress bar can be altered to suit your brand with colours, borders and size completely customisable with CSS.

Additional Project Meta

Display the project title, total task counts, due date and more.

List by contributor

Show a progress bar for all projects that have a particular person as a contributor.

Caching System

Limit calls to the Plutio API to every X minutes to avoid hitting API limits on a busy website.


Plutio Project Cards